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Board of Directors

If you are interested in serving on the HVCC Board, send us a quick message or come by and talk to us!  If you are really excited, you can fill out a board application!

The board is instrumental in strategic planning for the center and its programs through the development of short-term and long-term planning and goal setting.

The members of the board contribute financially and are integral to the daily operations of HVCC. 

Grants & Foundations

  • Anschutz Family Foundation

  • AV Hunter Trust

  • Bacon Family Foundation

  • Boettcher

  • Caring for Colorado

  • Colorado Health Foundation

  • Colorado Trust

  • Coors Foundation

  • Daniels Fund

  • El Pomar

  • the Outcalt Foundation

  • Sheila Fortune Foundation

  • Xcel Energy Foundation

Contracts & Partnerships

  • 21st Century Community Learning Center

  • Child and Adult Care Food Program

  • Energy Outreach Colorado

  • Rio Grande County DSS

  • Rio Grande Prevention Partners

  • Upper Rio Grande School District

Local Business

  • 5 Cs Laundromat

  • Colorado Grille and Tap House

  • Columbine Floral and Gifts

  • Del Norte Bank

  • Holiday RV South Fork

  • Three Barrel Brewing Co.

  • Windsor Hotel

Grant History

2001 -- $6,000
• $4,000.00 from Commissioners.
• $1,000.00 from Del Norte.
• $1,000.00 from South Fork




2003 -- $800.00
• JVA Consulting, Inc. – in-kind consulting
• $800 Local fundraisers
2004 -- $11,910.00
• $5,000 Bacon Family Foundation for 2004 Arts & Rec Program
• $3,000 Daniels Fund for 2004 Arts & Rec Program
• $1,500 Kenneth King Foundation for 2004 Arts & Rec Program
• $2,410 Local Fundraisers
2005 -- $62,995.00
• $6,000 Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation for Parents & Tots Program
• $4,500 El Pomar in $1,500 installments over 3 years for operations
• $5,000 Anschutz Family Foundation for operations
• $46,000 GOCO grant for Skateboard Park
• $1,495 Local Fundraisers
2006 -- $ 24,200.00
• $1,000 from Parker Charitable Trust for Arts All Around Program
• $1,500 from the Kenneth King Foundation for the Arts All Around Program
• $4,000 from the Colorado Council on the Arts for the Arts All Around Program
• $5,000 from the Xcel Energy Foundation for the Performance Arts Series of the Arts All
Around Program
• $5,000 from Anschutz Family Foundation for operating expenses
• $7,700 Local Fundraisers
2007 -- $38,300.00
• $3,000 From Home Depot’s CommUnity Serve Grant to Resurface the Tennis Courts; designated to a covered picnic area at the skateboard park
• $2,500 from Quick Foundation for Arts & Rec Program
• $7,500 from the Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation for Fabulous Fridays
• $7,500 from the Bacon Family Foundation for Fabulous Fridays
• $8,000 from the Daniels Fund (over 2 years) for Fabulous Fridays
• $5,000 from Target Corporation for a continuing Performance Arts Series
• $2,500 from John G. Duncan Charitable Trust
• $2,300 Local Fundraisers
HVCC Grant History

2008 -- $62,310.00
• $5,400 Rio Grande Prevention Partners
• $5,000 Anschutz Family Foundation
• $8,000 Buell Foundation
• $2,500 Sheila Fortune Foundation
• $4,000 Xcel Energy for Performances
• $3,000 El Pomar Foundation for operations can include building expenses
• $1,000 Burt Foundation for Arts All Around programming for seniors
• $14,000 Coors Foundation for renovations of new building
• $5,000 A.V. Hunter Trust
• $14,410 Local Fundraisers


2009 -- $86,409
• $11,000 Gates Family Foundation
• $1,300 John G. Duncan Charitable Trust (for capital support)
• $14,078 Rio Grande County Department of Social Services (for furniture)
• $24,000 Rio Grande County Department of Social Services (for After-School Program and
Fabulous Fridays Program)
• $20,000 Rio Grande County Department of Social Services (for Summer Arts & Rec
• $2,500 Sheila Fortune Foundation
• $2,925 Rio Grande Prevention Partners
• $3,000 LiveWell for Community Garden
• $7,606 Local Fundraisers


2010 -- $120,141.00
• $10,000 Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation
• $4,000 Xcel Energy Foundation
• $5,000 Anschutz Family Foundation
• $10,000 Daniel’s Fund
• $2,925 Rio Grande Prevention Partners
• $3,000 LiveWell for Community Garden
• $12,00 Bright Mt. Foundation
• $61,000 Department of Social Services
• $12,216 Local Funds
HVCC Grant History

2011 -- $124,223.00
• $12,000 Daniel’s Fund
• $7,500 Bacon Family Foundation
• $5,000 Anshutz Family Foundation
• $1,000 Parker Charitable Trust
• $3,000 Sheila Fortunate Foundation
• $1,000 Kenneth King Foundation
• $2,500 Great South Fork Community Foundation
• $4,000 Creative Industries (formerly Colorado Council of the Arts)
• $2,000 Xcel Energy Foundation
• $5,000 El Pomar Foundation
• $3,045 Rio Grande Prevention Partners
• $67,178 Department of Social Services
• 11,200 Local Fundraising


2012 – $139,707
• $7,500 Coors Foundation
• $7,500 AV Hunter Trust
• $5,000 El Pomar
• $2,000 Colorado Garden Show
• $2,000 Greater South Fork Community Foundation
• $4,000 Colorado Creative Industries
• $3,500 Sheila Fortune Foundation
• $5,400 Anonymous Donor
• $5,000 Anshutz Family Foundation
• $13,936 Sprout Foundation
• $7,565 Rio Grande Prevention Partners
• $70,000 Department of Social Services
• $9,306 Local Fundraising


• $10,000 AV Hunter Trust
• $5,000 Anshutz Family Foundation
• $2,000 Colorado Garden Show
• $11,970 Colorado Trust: Colorado Convenes
• $5,000 Greater South Fork Community Foundationdo Trust

  • Coors Foundation

  • Daniels Fund

  • El Pomar

  • the Outcalt Foundation

  • Sheila Fortune Foundation

  • Xcel Energy Foundation


The HVCC staff know that the number one goal in all of our programs is to give these youth the tools and resources they need to succeed in the world they will be living in.  Through this, we know that the best thing we can give our children is our time.

HVCC is proud to have dedicated, committed staff who believe in the mission, vision, and values of the organization!

HVCC is an equal opportunity employer, pays competitively, values their team, works hard, and enjoys a flexible schedule!

Think you are a good fit for the team?  Apply!

The HVCC Story


High Valley Community Center offers a safe environment where our youth develop and strengthen positive values and behaviors through responsive programming, community service learning, and meaningful opportunities that inspire them to reach their full potential.


HVCC alumni are productive citizens with skills, ethical values, and a drive to reach their own full potential and positively contribute to their peers, families, and community.

We strive to create a replicable model that is the gold standard for youth programming. 

We build and nurture strong, healthy partnerships with families and our community to ensure HVCC participants have a foundation that allows them to thrive. 


Provide healthy examples and lessons equipping youth to fulfill their ethical responsibilities to themselves, their families, the community, and HVCC.

Empower youth to overcome unhealthy cycles and prevent harmful behavior through citizenship and service.

Create positive economic impact through our partnerships, generous foundation support, and wise financial planning.

Provide a welcoming and comfortable environment with nutritious and homemade meals.

Provide a safe, stable, and clean environment that meets the needs of the youth.

Support youth, through quality programming, to improve social skills, life skills, work-force readiness, and healthy decision making.

Expose youth to meaningful opportunities and experiences improving their leadership skills and increasing their productive engagement within the larger community.

Employ happy, committed staff, who are genuinely dedicated to making a difference for all youth.

Employ staff who inspire youth and the community to reach for more, by creating a welcoming environment where everyone feels they belong.




• Three concerned friends from South Fork meet to discuss issues regarding youth.

• They begin visiting community centers in the state.

• Community meetings are held to launch idea of a community center. ​​​​​​​​​

• HVCC presents idea to build center to Community leaders.
• $4,000 from R.G.C. Commissioners.
• $1,000 from Del Norte.
• $1,000 from South Fork.
• Consolidated #7 School Board unanimously voted to donate 3.5 acres of the school campus for the Center.
• HVCC officially becomes a non-profit organization with the Federal Government.
• A public hearing is held with the County Commissioners to discuss a Special District.
• Request is denied.
• 150 people attend a Taco Supper and Magic Show- demonstrating solid local support for HVCC.
• First Bingo Night, sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, raises $800.
• Second Annual 5K Race and 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk has a good turnout.
• Direct mail solicitation is sent to all registered voters and property owners in Con #7 and raises $1,460.
• HVCC collaborates with Del Norte Youth Activities Foundation and the Del Norte Town Board to survey residents about recreation needs. The response showed the main need to be a SkateBoard Park. The second need is a Community/Recreation Center.
• HVCC decides to begin programming.
• Through a $5,000 grant from the Bacon Family Foundation, $3,000 from the Kenneth King
Foundation and $1,500 from the Daniels Fund, HVCC holds its first HVCC Summer 2004 Arts
and Rec. Program. 75 children participate.
• Another great turnout for the Annual 5K race and 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk.
• Bingo Knight at the Knights of Columbus raises $950.
• HVCC adopts SkateBoard Park Project.
• Meets with Town Board.
• Applies for Tony Hawk grant and GOCO funds.
History of HVCC
Page | 1
• First Spring Newsletter reaches registered voters in Con #7 and raises $1,495.
• A generous, $6,000, grant from the Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation allows HVCC to begin the
HVCC Parents and Tots weekly 2 hour program under the administration of capable Becky
• With a $5,000 grant from the Anschutz Family Foundation, HVCC moves forward with
fundraising and planning for a Community Center.
• $46,000 GOCO Grant is awarded to HVCC for SkateBoard Park.
• Another Bingo Night raises $1,100.
• $6,000 is raised locally for the Summer 2006 Arts and Rec. Program.
• Cement pad for SkateBoard Park is laid through the assistance of SLV Quality Concrete and
Mathias Concrete.
• Community Build Day brings out children, youth, and adults to build the park and it is
• 2006 Summer Arts & Rec Program takes place with community funding. 100 Students attend.
• Colorado Council on Arts grants $4,000 for Arts all Around Program.
• Workshops in jewelry-making, woodworking, drawing, painting, quilt-making, wreath-making and
fly tying are held throughout the 2006/2007 Academic Year.
• HVCC is awarded a $5,000 grant from the Xcel Energy Foundation to expand the Arts all
Around Program to include a Performance Arts Series.
• Joe Hayes - the Storyteller, The Back Row - all male A Cappella Group, Razzamataz Puppetry
and Estampa Espanola - a flamenco dance troupe all perform in Del Norte.
• Anschutz Family Foundation awards $5,000 to HVCC for operating expenses.
• HVCC raises more money locally for the 2007 Summer Arts & Rec Program. 101 Students participate during June/July.
• DN Chamber of Commerce awards HVCC the Outstanding Organization of the Year award.
• Target awards HVCC $5,000 for continuing the Performance Arts Series.
• 2007 Fall Fabulous Fridays Program is launched with grants from the Buell Foundation -$7,500,
the Daniel's Fund - $8,000 and the Bacon Family Foundation - $7,500
• HVCC hires its first employee.
• Drawing - First workshop in the next Arts all Around Series starts.
• $3,000 Home Depot’s CommUnity Serve Grant
• $2,500 Quick Foundation
• $1,500 El Pomar Foundation
• $1,000 Del Norte Fire Protection District.
• $2,500 John G. Duncan Charitable Trust.
• Collaboration with Rio Grande Prevention Partners is reestablished.
• Italian Fundraiser Dinner raises over $1300 locally!
• HVCC Board Members began presenting to as many facets of the community as possible in
hopes of educating the community about the benefits and future of High Valley.
History of HVCC
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• HVCC raises $1300 during a Sunday Bingo at the Knights of Columbus.
• The Fabulous Fridays and Arts all Around Performances run through May and have excellent
participation and overall effectiveness.
• HVCC holds 4 performances in the Performance Arts Series: The Back Row, David Taylor
Dance Theatre, Jim Weiss Storyteller, and the Denver Brass Quintent.
• 100+ Students participate in a total of 29 new classes during the Summer Arts and Rec
• Temple Hoyne Buell awards HVCC $7500.
• Shelia Fortune Foundation awards HVCC $2500
• Anschutz awards HVCC $5,000.
• HVCC begins a capital campaign to raise monies to purchase a building to hold their classes
and call home.
• HVCC raises over $10,000 locally.
• El Pomar grants $3,000.
• Adolph Coors Foundations grants HVCC $14,000.
• HVCC and former Noah's Ark agree and HVCC becomes the official owner of 1210 Grande
• HVCC successfully holds first Fabulous Fridays and Arts all Around series in their *new* home.
• 2nd Italian Fundraiser Dinner raises $1200
• Renovations begin to personalize the new building.
• After -School Program is launched under administration of new employee.
• Department of Social Services awards approximately $14,078 in TANF funds to furnish newly
renovated building with computers and programming & office furniture.
• Grants in the amounts of $17,500 are awarded for programming.
• Community Garden is created with $3,000 LiveWell grant.
• Semillas de la Tierra comes to Del Norte as part of Free Performance Arts Series.
• High Valley begins to hold regular open hours.
• Potato Bake and Mariachi Performance bring in $625.
• Open House is held raising money and awareness for the center.
• Summer program is held with $20,000 in TANF funds. Record 172 students register for 9 week
• HVCC sponsors inflatable obstacle course at Covered Wagon Days and holds 8th annual 5K
Race raising a total of $1193.
• All new Fabulous Friday program is held – highlight is a live gator from Colorado Gators comes
to visit HVCC and Folklorico Dancing.
• The Back Row returns and performs for a packed house.
• Folklorico Dancers put on a stunning performance of all that they learned.
• 3rd Annual Italian Dinner is held on site – a great turnout and $1100 is raised.
• HVCC holds After School Christmas Party and 101 have a great afternoon.
History of HVCC
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• After School Program is launched for 3rd semester.
• Magician Keir Royale comes and performs for over 300!
• Tea Time and Teen Night are added to the program roster.
• Storyteller David Taylor performs following the HVCC rendition of the 3 Little Pigs.
• Department of Social Services continues to fund non-school hour programming, including the
summer program, through TANF funds amounting to $61,000.
• HVCC partners with Recycle-Creede to start a recycling program.
• Summer Program is launched and is the biggest program to date.
• Bright Mountain Foundation awards HVCC first Federal Grant for $12,000.
• Open House is held for second year.
• HVCC partners with Covered Wagon Days to offer food and 5 inflatables at Covered Wagon
Days. HVCC also sponsors Free Family Games .
• Board and Staff undergo extensive training for grant purposes, growth and sustainability.
• Semillas de la Tierra & HVCC's 3 Little Pigs perform for a packed auditorium.
• 4th Annual Italian Dinner serves over 150!
• HVCC ends year with $120,000+ in grants!
• HVCC Completes 9 month grant with the Bright Mountain Foundation.
• Financial overhaul & new accountant
• New Equipment
• Board Trainings
• Recycling Program is becoming a huge success.
• HVCC partners with the DNHS Science Ambassadors for a great science class.
• Daniels, AV Hunter, Bright Mt. Fdn & Livewell fund spring activities.
• 68 students registered for After-School Program in first quarter.
• Bowling
• Being Brainwise
• Boxing
• Early Release Swim Party
• Dinner @ Baldo's for showing their HVCC Pride in Irish Green.
• The Back Row Returns!
• HVCC has 1898 contact numbers with the Summer Arts & Rec participants.
• Suzanne Gosar helps grow an amazing garden and does beautiful landscaping.
• New ground Cover by Rio Grande County.
• O’Rourke Excavating donates materials for leveling playground.
• HVCC is present at the Rural Philanthropy Days held in Saguache.
• Ice Rink is purchased and installed.
• Over 2200 students attend the Fall 2011 ASP & FF.
• HVCC Jazz Ballet class opens for Mysto the Magi.
• 50 After-School & Fabulous Fridays students are transported to the Dollar Store and Calvillo’s
Restaurant for the end of the year party.
• End the year with over $130,000 in grants and donations.
History of HVCC
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• 35+students participate in bowling and gymnastics each Friday.
• HVCC holds a very successful spring carnival at the Ruth Marie – hundreds attend.
• The Traveling Performers come to Del Norte and max out the DNHS auditorium.
• Fabulous Friday Gymnasts are an amazing opening act.
• Spring Fabulous Fridays series includes a visit from the Alligator Farm, game days with Monte
Vista Kids Club, Creede Mining Museum, and Sand Dunes Swimming Pool Field trips.
• After-school program ends the 2011-2012 academic year with 4,422 contacts – a 50% increase
over 2010-2011.
• Over 200 students attend the 8th Summer Arts & Rec Program.
• Creede Theatre comes to DNHS for another great performance. The After-School Program
students learned a lot about geography in preparation for the Adventures in Geography.
• Swimming lessons and Cooking Matters are popular and well attended on Fridays.
• The After-School Program sees record numbers and students are learning a lot and having a
great time.

  • • HVCC raises $9,000 locally and $130,000 in grants.